Affiliated Companies

  • Dögun ehf (peeling plant)

    Sauðárkrókur, Iceland

    Dögun was established in 1983, and after recent rebuilding of the plant it is equipped with state of the art machinery to effectively cook, peel, grade, glaze, and pack premium quality cooked and peeled coldwater prawns. The plant is highly automated with attention given to every prawn to exceed the customers' expectations. Packing machinery allows the plant to pack various pack sizes, from 10kg bulk bags to 100g portion control packs.

    Images from the plant (click to enlarge)
    • Image from plant
    • Image from plant
  • Reyktal AS

    Tallinn, Estonia

    The deep sea fishing company Reyktal AS was established in 1996 and currently operates three stern freezer trawlers fishing on various grounds around the N-Atlantic and Arctic oceans. The trawlers freeze the catch onboard and typically stay at sea 3-4 weeks before bringing both ready cooked product, as well as raw material for land based peeling plants to port

    Boat images (click to enlarge)
    • Eldborg
    • Ontika
    • Taurus